Praise Be to Hanuman

Saw BLACK PANTHER on Monday, and it was great. So for Fanart Friday, here’s… M’Baku the Man-Ape?

February 23, 2018

Quest-for-the-Sacred-Water-Skin Black Panther #5

Jack Kirby shows you the importance of picking and choosing which details to highlight.

February 19, 2018

Pow! Bong! Karaak! Waaamm!

Mike Royer is the epitome of Bronze Age comic book lettering.

February 17, 2018

Black Musketeers Black Panther #9

So, it's 1978 and the kids of America are gaga over STAR WARS and you want these kids reading your comics. What's a Jack Kirby to do?

February 15, 2018

Friends or Foes Black Panther #4

Affinity of continuum of movement in comics, as seen in Jack Kirby's BLACK PANTHER #4.

February 14, 2018

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #25 Will Die in Ultron's Jaws!

The after-image is a technique that's currently out of fashion but due for a comback.

February 7, 2018

The Cavalry Stayed Home U.S.Avengers #6

Paco Medina uses visual clutter and downward spirals as storytelling elements in U.S.AVENGERS #6.

February 6, 2018

Fanart February A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man

It's the first #fanartfriday of #fanartfebruary. So here's a quick sketch of Kamala Khan!

February 2, 2018

Franken-Castle! The Punisher (2009) #13

Tony Moore unleashes a three-panel storytelling masterclass in this sequence from FRANKEN-CASTLE.

February 1, 2018

Mecca Ms. Marvel #19

I was just poring through my recent comics, when I came across this lovely page by Marco Failla in MS MARVEL #19...

January 31, 2018

No Exit Astonishing X-Men v1 #2

Some janky anatomy in a twenty five year old issue of ASTONISHING X-MEN. Timely criticism ahoy!

January 26, 2018

A Fistful of Brimstone The Mighty Thor (2015) #22

Can someone tell me what's going on with Sindr's character design?

January 22, 2018

The Symbiote with the Slobber! Edge of Venomverse #5

When it comes to spotting detail, James Stokoe is the master.

January 19, 2018

The Ashes of Jedha

Widescreen storytelling makes a surprising comeback in STAR WARS #41.

January 10, 2018

Biff! Bam! Pow!

Sound effects are great and we should be letting artists do their own instead of using canned fonts. Check out how Ben Caldwell did it in A-FORCE #5-7.

January 1, 2018

Hey Dan...

...I think I found the one thing awesomer than bear hands.

May 22, 2013

Drawing Board Lo, There Shall Be A Wedding!

A gigantic process post detailing how Dorothy and I put together our save-the-date card.

March 5, 2013

Fus Ro DaThe Fearless Defenders #1

Somewhere in the Marvel universe, someone is plotting something eeeeevil involving some ancient Norse zombies that look like they walked right out of Skyrim. And it's up to Misty Knight and the Valkyrie to stop it...

February 25, 2013

Hero or Menace?The Superior Spider-Man #1-3

Spider-Man is dead, long live Spider-Man.

February 22, 2013

Fist Against Bone Journey Into Mystery #647-648

Somehow I missed the first issue of this storyline, but I didn't realize it until I was reading the letters page of Journey Into Mystery #648.

February 20, 2013

Fantastic for Four MinutesFF (2012) #1-3

I should have saved the Deadpool review for President's Day. Oh well. Here's a review of FF #1-3 instead.

February 18, 2013

Not the hero we want, the scumbag we needDeadpool (2012) #1-4

I channel my brother in a quick review of Deadpool (2012) #1-4.

February 15, 2013

Captain America (2013) #1"Castaway in Dimension Z"

Can Arnim Zola and John Romita, Jr. save Captain America #1 from being just another comic book?

January 9, 2013

Villains, United

Marvel's "Dark Reign" storyline has a few major structural problems.

November 2, 2009

Maximus the Medicated

So, I've been reading through War of Kings and one of the things that struck me is that their portray of Maximus is less Maximus the (Mwa-Ha-Ha) Mad and more Maximus the Mildly Manic.

May 6, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

In the spirit of the horrifying Valentine cards offered by Chris Sims and others, I proudly present...

February 14, 2009

Unfinished Business Eternals #4-6

I decided to stick with Eternals until the end of its initial storyline, despite being singularly unimpressed by the first three issues.

January 19, 2009

Unfinished Business 1985 #5-6

Okay, it's time for me to clear up some unfinished business from last year. First up, a review of the final two issues of Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edward's 1985.

January 18, 2009

Eternals #2-3 (2008)

Turns out Marvel's latest attempts to resurrect the Eternals just isn't working for me.

August 24, 2008

Still preoccupied with... 1985 #2-4

When we last looked in on Toby, he had just discovered that the creepy old Wyncham house in his neighborhood had been taken over by Marvel supervillains...

August 22, 2008

Skaar, Son of Hulk #1

Some of the blandest sound effects you'll ever see.

June 20, 2008

Eternals #1 (2008)

The Eternals prepare for the imminent arrival of the sinister Horde... but is it too little, too late?

June 19, 2008

Nothing has been all right since... 1985 #1

Young Toby has just made a shocking discovery - his world is about to be invaded by Marvel supervillains, who've set up shop in an abandoned house down the street.

June 18, 2008

Annihilation: Conquest Wraith #1-4

Marvel's latest star-spanning starts strong and then stumbles almost immediately.

April 22, 2008

Annihilation: Conquest Prologue

Marvel's latest star-spanning epic kicks off in style.

April 21, 2008

My Favorite Things Peter Parker, Spider-Man v2 #6

Greg Wright turns in one of the greatest coloring jobs ever featured in a Marvel comic in a 1999 issue of SPIDER-MAN.

March 31, 2008

An Appreciation John Romita Jr.

An appreciation of the long and distinguished career of John Romita Jr.

March 30, 2008

Who waits forever anyway? Eternals (2006)

Neil Gaiman tells a good story but kind of misses the point of the Eternals.

March 16, 2008

#2 In A Twelve-Issue Limited Series The Eternals (1985)

Peter B. Gillis really gets the Eternals. Walt Simonson, not so much.

March 14, 2008

When Gods Walk The Earth! The Eternals (1976)

THE ETERNALS is Jack Kirby's greatest creation, hands down.

March 12, 2008

My Favorite Things Howard the Duck #1-27

Steve Gerber's run on HOWARD THE DUCK is an odd product of its era that could never be replicated today.

February 18, 2008

Hulk Times A Hundred Equals HOLOCAUST! Avengers Annual #13

Arnim Zola vs. the Avengers, with an army of clone Hulks!

January 19, 2008

You've been reading too many comics when...

Morlak, Shinsky, and Zota go into the condo business.

June 22, 2005

I Hate Advertising

Not the most original sentiment, but it's true. It's a form of spiritual cancer that perverts and cheapens everything it touches.

June 7, 2005

Shanna the She-Devil #1

Reading a Frank Cho comic is like looking into the mind of a thirteen year old child.

February 5, 2005

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Deluxe Edition #1-20

I confess my unfettered love for OHOTMUDE - the Holy Grail for OCD comic nerds.

January 31, 2005

Captain America and the Falcon #163

There's a reason you never see the word flick in a comic book font without some extra letter spacing.

January 29, 2005

Captain America and the Falcon #176-183

Stever Rogers... CAPTAIN AMERICA no more! For like, the second or third time.

January 28, 2005

You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover Marvel Previews #18

Modern comics often have cover art that don't look anything like the interior art. And that's a problem.

January 27, 2005

Avengers Disassembled New Avengers #1

It's hard to miss something that won't go away.

December 7, 2004

Avengers Disassembled Avengers Finale

The end of an era.

December 4, 2004

Avengers Disassembled Avengers #500-503

The beginning of the end.

December 2, 2004

Kirby's Late Period Devil Dinosaur #8-9

John Byrne and Jack Kirby are not a match made in heaven.

October 15, 2004

Kirby's Late Period Devil Dinosaur #4-7 (part 2)

A feisty lady saves DEVIL DINOSAUR from the depths of mediocrity.

October 14, 2004

Kirby's Late Period Devil Dinosaur #4-7 (part 1)

DEVIL DINOSAUR brings out the best of Jack Kirby's art and the worst in his writing.

September 28, 2004

Kirby's Late Period Devil Dinosaur #1-2

DEVIL DINOSAUR: simultaneously everything you ever wanted and not what you actually needed.

September 22, 2004

Kirby's Late Period Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I try recoloring a page from 2001 #3. It doesn't work out so well.

September 9, 2004

Kirby's Late Period 2001: A Space Odyssey #3-4

One man's sense of destiny sparks a revolution in the early dawn of time! Is it an accident of history - or the plan of an alien intelligence?

September 6, 2004

Kirby's Late Period 2001: A Space Odyssey #2

Are we the end of the line? Are we the last stop in the journey of human evolution? The answer could be that the voyage is far from over!

September 1, 2004

Kirby's Late Period 2001: A Space Odyssey #1

Where are we going? Somewhere in the dawn of time we began - somehow, in these perilous times we keep moving on - and some time in the future, something will happen to change us!

August 27, 2004