Mecca Ms. Marvel #19

I was just poring through my recent comics, when I came across this lovely page by Marco Failla in Ms. Marvel #19...

But apparently? It works real good.Ms. Marvel #19 (October 2017), page 14
Art by Marco Failla.

Now, there's a lot I don't like about this page. As moment-to-mement storytelling, it's only okay - there are too many elements pulling the eye in too many directions and the action flows awkwardly. As a splash page it's not effective, because that central figure doesn't stand out - there's an attempt to separate through color saturation, but the contrast is insufficient to pull it off.

But where it wins me over is through sheer cartooning. I've never seen a rubber hero look so fluid - not the Elongated Man, not Mr. Fantastic, not even Plastic Man. Failla masterfully distorts Kamala's anatomy without making her look inhuman, and positions her limbs and scarf in ways that create genuine dynamism. He's using old school animation techniques - noodle limbs, squash and stretch, etc. - but situating them effectively in the context of a modern, realistic superhero comic. It's just awesome.

Seriously, why has Plastic Man never looked this great?

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