When Toilets Weren't Invented

Kids! Be the first to send for the new plastic knights! from Tip-Top Comics #196

This ad feels like the end product of a copywriter who'se completely burned out. "Eh, they're knights, kids. You already know whether you're gonna like 'em or not. So buy. Or whatever. I don't care."

One wonders what he told the art department. "Look, just trace a panel from this week's Prince Valiant or something. These things sell themselves. Now if you'll excuse me I have a hangover to sleep off."

By my count, there are four exclamation points in this ad, and it amuses me that one of them is used to emphasize that the weapons and banners are interchangeable. As if little Jimmy wasn't going to bite, but then was all, "Whoa, interchangeable weapons! TAKE MY DOLLAR!"

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