Come-Hither Conan

Conan of Cimmeria has been many things in his life. Barbarian. Thief. Merchant. Freebooter. General. King. And also, apparently, underwear model.

Conan and the Sorcerer From Conan and the Sorcerer, illustrated by Esteban Maroto.

You work those hips, Conan.

Unintentional Eroticism

You have to love these el cheapo fantasy novels for the unintentionally erotic sequences.

Stools scraped and a woman squeaked. A board slid and rattled on its trestle as a fat thigh moved swiftly. Someone muttered the name of holy Mitra. Conan meanwhile continued to pivot on his buttocks. Conan and the Sorcerer, p. 13
His fist was full of hilt, and three feet of shining blade extended out and up before him. Conan and the Sorcerer, p. 17

Also, take a shot every time the author comes up with a new way to make "panther" and adjective or adverb. You will be surprised how quickly you black out.

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