Big Mamie, You Shameless Hussy

I know sailors get up to some weird things at sea, but this takes the cake...

A lot of men loved Big Mamie, and she never lost a lover. "Arr, I know every nook and cranny on this ship. Especially the crannies. All those dirty, dirty crannies."

That is some extremely disturbing sexual imagery for an ad in a comic book aimed at eight year olds. Is this how they used to sell fleshlights back in the days before the internet? Just look at little Jimmy there. He is clearly planning to do something unsavory to that model once that glue is dry. Either that or he's been sniffing the glue. Or eating lead chips. What can I say? It was the '60s. Entertainment options were limited. They were lucky to get two channels on the ol' Dumunt.

Also worth noting? Little Jimmy there doesn't look to be older than 13 and yet he also appears to be married. That's right, ladies, this enchanting teenage devil with the vacant eyes, hatchet jaw and receding hairline is taken. I guess you have to snag them when they're young.

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