She Thinks Brains Are Sexy

Sarah: She Thinks Brains are Sexy (and she'd like to measure yours with these calipers)

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  • Dave 'The Knave' White (09/03/2009)

    Anyway, while the site is in a state of flux, does anyone have any thoughts on the new layout/UI? Or any requests?

  • sford (09/08/2009)

    Re new UI, it will take some getting used to. You end up with long horizontal scrolling, which isn't necessarily bad, but might get difficult when you have a few hundred strips that a newcomer wants to read. Also it is next to impossible for me to e-mail a friend a pointer to a specific strip (unless I'm missing something).

    Oh, and HI SARAH!! I would give you my brain, but I'm allergic to formaldehyde.

  • Dave 'The Knave' White (09/08/2009)

    Thanks for the feedback. If you need to link to a particular strip, the date and title are a permanent link. I should probably change the interface so that's more obvious.

  • Sarah Pleininthal (09/08/2009)

    Silly boy. If I wanted your brains I'd have them already.

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