I Hate Everything

Panel 1

Sarah: God, I hate this world and everyone in it.

Panel 2

K-85: Even me?

Panel 4

Sound Effect: Tousle Tousle Tousle

Panel 5

Sarah: Especially you.

Sound Effect: KSSH

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  • Dave 'The Knave' White (04/01/2009)

    You know, it's been so long that I've actually finished a strip that I'd forgotten how agonizing it is. I spent two hours tearing out my hair because of that first panel before realizing I was out of time and had to go with what I had. Now that it's done, it really looks like something that came out of a time capsule than something current. On the plus side it feels like a time capsule from 2003 and not one from 1998, so at least I haven't completely regressed.

    Anyway, welcome to the all-new, all-deadly "Different Package." The strip (and this site) will be changing over the next several months as I get into the swing of things. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, that you'd care to leave via the comment engine below.

  • Mary Anne White (04/02/2009)

    good to see you back! the art is great. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  • Rob (04/02/2009)

    Welcome back!

  • Noah Gibbs (04/02/2009)

    You're drawing again! Awesome!

  • Steve White (04/02/2009)

    Hot like lava.

  • Peter (04/02/2009)

    Dave!!! It's like the Japanese Beetle, only... better :)

  • Aaron (04/02/2009)


  • Chris White (04/03/2009)

    I didn't stop returning your messages! I was on my yacht. Great work!

  • Sofox (06/07/2009)

    It was a pity about Japanese Beetle (it shall never stop being a brilliant comic for me), but it's great to see you are starting anew and on something you enjoy. Just reading this first strip tells me you've still got it.

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