Disturbing Panel of the Week

Savage Dragon #144 p. 7Savage Dragon #144, p. 7

"Brappa-lortch" is easily one of the most disgusting sound effects I've ever seen.

This lovely image is from the Savage Dragon #144, which has an unusual conceit: the whole issue takes place over the course of about six months, and each panel represents a different day during that period. Each panel contains no more than a few seconds of a larger story, but your mind is able to weave the disparate fragments seamlessly into the ebb and flow of daily life. It's a great example of the sort of story that only comics can do - can you imagine the a film or prose story constructed using the same technique? It also allows Erik Larsen to get away with some tricks that just wouldn't be possible in a more fluid narrative, like throwing a stream of one-joke villains and other one-dimensional characters at the Dragon.

It's also a nice reminder of why I'm still reading Savage Dragon - Larsen is one of the few mainstream creators of his generation who continues to evolve. Here's a guy who's constantly tinkering with his drawing style, trying out experimental storytelling techniques, and doing everything he can to keep comics as fresh and interesting for him as they are for his audience. You may love or hate the results, but you have to admire his devotion to his craft.

Disturbing Panel of the Week (Runner-Up)

Savage Dragon #144 p. 7Savage Dragon #144, p. 17

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