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Here's a quick character sketch I've been working on for [unnamed webcomic project]. The character is supposed to be nerdy, sardonic, and on the wrong side of 25. She's also one of those total geniuses who's a complete moron when it comes to everday stuff. I'm thinking that I need do something to make her look older, but I wanted to see if anyone had any other thoughts.

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  • Mary Anne White (09/14/2008)

    I think that your girl looks between 25 and 35. If that's what you were going for then you're right on track

  • Astralagos (09/14/2008)

    I'd suggest that you want some shorter hair, the ponytail look to me suggests a certain degree of youthfulness, and you're suggesting someone a little more mature. One option would be the kind of hairstyle that torako has in Yotsuba, which also has the advantage of looking a bit stylish and a bit unkempt, which would fit your proposed design. I don't think that the multicolor look will work to your benefit.

    Although, alternatively, you could make her a 28-year old suicide girl.

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