Google Chrome

So Google is apparently launching a new web browser today, and it turns out that they're getting the word out through a webcomic. It's not a very good webcomic, though. It's structured like a print comic for some reason, it's overly talky, and I can't help the feeling that it's talking down to the digerati and too technical for everyone else. And I couldn't help shake the feeling that the artist was some second-rate Scott McCloud impersonator.

Then I got to this image...

...and that the artist was Scott McCloud.


It's still not a very good comic, though.

Work Follies

One of our clients has already called to complain that his RSS feed isn't working properly with Chrome. We thanked him for noticing it, told him that this appears to be a known bug with Chrome, and informed him that while we make sure to keep on top of the latest technical developments we don't support products in beta. And afterwards I started grumbling about having to validate all of our sites in yet another browser, like it was 1997 all over again.

Then I remembered that this is a Google product, and it'll never get out of beta. Winner - me!

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