Asrial vs. Cheetah #1-2 (1996)

Asrial vs. Cheetah #1 cover

Deep in the Amazon jungle, an ancient hyperspace rescue beacon is activated. Alas, this model of beacon has been discontinued because of its unfortunate tendency to attract monsters from hyperspace, and so the Salusians dispatch Princess Asrial to deactivate it. When Asrial tracks down the beacon, she discovers a centuries-old Salusian named Konam - and Cheetah, who's there looking for the Fountain of Youth. The two of them fight, but it's not long before the true villains arrive on the scene - the Dynasty, a family of alien invaders who plan on using the Fountain to restore their fading powers!

This story is important for three reasons...

  1. It introduces the Dynasty, who will be Gold Digger's main villains for the next year or so. At the moment, they're just some generic, millennia-old aliens who think that they're the rightful rulers of the universe. Later... well, later they'll still be pretty much the same but they'll get some characterization.
  2. It reinforces that Gold Digger and Ninja High School really do take place in the same universe. Ironically, this would be largely retconned by end of the next crossover....
  3. It provides a chance for Fred Perry to draw furries with large bazongas beating the crap out of each other. And also getting groped by a 900-year-old pervert.

Honestly, it's just a big stupid fight scene, an issue of Marvel Team-Up done with Antarctic Press characters. And honestly, it's sort of unsatisfying, because there's no satisfactory resolution to any of the plot threads. There's no significance to the discovery of the Fountain of Youth. Konam is never heard of again. And most tellingly, the Dynasty isn't defeated - they use the Fountain to gas up and then scram, depriving the heroes of a decisive victory.

I don't have anything to say about the art that you haven't heard before, except to note that this issue hails from a period where Brenner Printing seemed unable to print anything properly (there are screening artifacts everywhere, even on the linework). So here's some cheesecake instead.

Asrial vs. Cheetah #2 p. 4Asrial vs. Cheetah #2, p. 4

Print Run: 6000

As usual, a bump on the print run, to accommodate both the Gold Digger and NHS fans who will be purchasing the series. Interestingly, it's the same-sized print run they used for the last miniseries, which might suggest that the Gold Digger audience is leveling off at this point, or that the audience for the core books just hasn't been translating into spin-off sales.

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