And Now Some Thoughts About Fly-Girl

Fly-Girl doesn't get a lot of respect. In the letter column to issue #7, Robin Snyder calls her a hopeless anachronism, a piece of clutter that needs to be swept away. And yet, in a couple of ways, she's a lot more interesting character than the Fly.

First, like a lot of derivative superheroines she looks a lot better in costume than her male counterpart. So you can see what I'm talking about, here's a lovely pin-up of the two of them by Rudy Nebres...

The Fly #3, back coverThe Fly #3, back cover

Note that while they're wearing roughly the same uniform, Fly-Girl looks a lot better in it than the Fly does. Scaling back the cowl and goggles to a partial face-mask and removing the awkward-looking forepart of the wings makes for a much more elegant and streamlined look. The Fly's uniform looks clumsy and thrown-together by comparison.

And it doesn't help that, as Rudy Nebres draws her, she's smokin' hot.

Second, unlike the Fly, she actually shows some character in her brief appearances. While she's clearly Tom's love interest, she's also got a strong, independent streak and is trying to prove that she's more than just arm candy - she's moved halfway across the country to pursue a career on her own. And she seems to have a bit more grounded than the Fly, realizing in one issue that there are people with problems bigger than hers. She even reaches out to those who are obviously in need, even those who mean her harm. But she's still not afraid to charge into a room full of mobsters and fling them about.

This is a female character I could read about. So of course she gets written out in issue #4 when she dumps Tom. We don't even get to see the guy she's flipped over - she literally announces that she's fallen in love with someone else and gets an amicable send-off in two pages of issue #5. While it's refreshing to see two people acting like adults and breaking up amicably, it really hurts Fly-Girl's character by making her seem flighty (and it also makes the Fly seem somewhat emotionally stunted).

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