The Wisdom of the Ancients

Hey, Ancient Gina! You're a zillion-year-old nigh-omnipotent time traveler, and one of the mysterious Nomad Artificers responsible for the creation of the universe! Do you have any nuggets of wisdom you'd care to share?

Gold Digger v3 #91, p. 1

Uh, okay, huh, good to know, but that doesn't really apply to me... Hrm... Hey Madrid! You're a zillion-year-old super-evolved Neo-Pet lookin' thingy that's been impersonating Gina for fifty-something issues. Do you have any insights that might help me out here?

Gold Digger v3 #91, p. 21

Yeah, that's pretty good. I've gotta write that down...

Oh, sorry.

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