Infinite Crisis Villains United #1-2

Villains United #1

Written by Gail Simone
Penciled by Dale Eaglesham
Inked by Wade von Grawbadger
Colors by Sno-Cone
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher (#1) and Pat Brosseau (#2)

Villains United #1-2 is the last of the "Infinite Crisis" tie-in series I'll be reviewing here.

Lex Luthor has convinced most of DC's supervillains to band together in a huge criminal organization. There are a few holdouts, though - Catman, Deadshot, Cheshire, Ragdoll, the Parademon, and Scandal. As "the Secret Six" they try to overthrow Luthor's new order - and seize power for themselves!

Like most of the other "Infinite Crisis" tie-ins too much goes unsaid here. For instance, it's not clear from the comic itself why the villains have banded together, or indeed, what they're trying to accomplish by doing so. Fortunately, writer Gail Simone manages to paper over the cracks in the story with some exceptionally strong characterization and character interaction. Her versons of Catman and Deadshot are especially interesting, and she even manages to make Cheshire's steroetypical "Dragon Lady" personality work by turning her into a scenery-chewing bitch.

Unfortunately, after a pleasantly surprising start, the series really seems to kick into overdrive in the second half of the second issue, when our protagonists leap from the frying pan to the fire in the space of, oh, about three pages. It's strange to pull the gun on the Mockingbird question so soon, especially since most of the Six don't seem to care one way or the other. It'll be interesting to see if Simone can reinvigorate my interest in a third issue, though...

Villains United #1, p. 7Villains United #1, p. 7

This is a pretty striking page. That image of Catman and his pride will stick with you for a while. The lettering is fine, the coloring is first-rate, there isn't too much detail, and some attention has been paid to the panel-to-panel flow. And yet, I hate that the two panels in the lower tier float over the central image. It seems to make the image of Catman and his pride seem less striking. You could probably solve most of those problems by shrinking the lower tier panels - there's really no good reason for them to be so tall.

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