Kirby's Late Period Devil Dinosaur #8-9

"Dino-Riders"/"The Witch and the Warp"

Written and drawn by Jack Kirby
Inked and lettered by Mike Royer
Colored by Petra Goldberg

I've got absolutely nothing to say about these issues - or at least their contents. But the cover to Devil Dinosaur #9 is inked by John Byrne, and has the distinction of being the ugliest cover I've ever seen on a Kirby comic...

Devil Dinosaur #9 CoverDevil Dinosaur #9

Byrne's just a bad mis-match for Kirby at this point in his career - he's got a love of detail that just doesn't mesh well with Kirby's bold visuals. Devil looks lumpy instead of scaly, and it looks like Byrne spent more time inking the explosion than any of the figures. On the other hand, you can't pin the failure of this cover on Byrne alone - it's terribly uninspired and poorly composed. The King was never particularly strong at composing covers, and this is probably one of his all-time worst compositions.

Starting next week, some slightly more topical comic reviews. As in, ones that are of 5 year old comics instead of 25 year old comics.

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