Off the Drawing Board DC Standup vs. Earth: The Poster

At the end of August I went down to see the DC Standup vs. Earth CD Release Party in Falls Church, Virginia. Well, to make a long story short, it wound up not being a CD Release Party because the CDs hadn't arrived by then. Whoops. That was okay by Chris - he'd always planned on having their September 29th show at Jammin' Java be the official release party anyway. Heck, he'd even designed some posters for it. Awful posters.

Okay, awful is too strong a word. They weren't bad posters - they were very informative and laid out in a very readable fashion. But they were dull posters, very text-heavy and unlikely to stand out on a cluttered coffee house bulletin board. So when I returned home I decided to whip up a better poster.

DC Standup vs. Earth CD BookletDC Standup vs. Earth Poster

The logo and fonts were pulled right from my design for the CD packaging. The starburst in the background was created by making a starfield with a paintbrush and then running a zoom radial blur on it.

The robot was based on the designs I whipped up for the CD packaging, but toned down a bit - I got rid of the segmented look for the arms and toned down the Kirbyesque squiggles in the black part. The result looks like a combination of the more Gundamesque robot from the CD booklet and the Mazingeresque silhouette from the tray card. I also tweaked the robot's chest plate and head design a bit.

Is there anything I'd change on this poster? Sure, a lot. The robot's arm could stand to be more powerfully foreshortened, and the drawing on the robbot's pretty weak as well. I'd also move the comedian names up under the logo and give them the same arc treatment, and cut down the font size used for the venue information, ticket prices, and web addresses. I'd also play around with the text to see if there was some way to emphasize that this was a comedy show and not a concert.

Still, it's not bad for something I whipped up in about a half an hour.

For those of you who are interested in catching Chris's act or getting a CD... Well, the info's on the poster already. Duh.

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