Kirby's Late Period Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Rather than complain about the color work on the last issue of 2001 I reviewed I figured it might be nice to actually show you what I mean...

2001: A Space Odyssey #3, pages 2-3

This isn't a great coloring job, but it's better than what the page sported previously. The overall composition is one of complementary contrasts, with the yellow sky set off against the purple rocks. There's also a warm/cool contrast - Marak is the only "cool" area on the whole page - and a contrast of saturation, with Marak and the foreground figures being the most saturated areas of the composition. I've also eliminated some of the more jarring aspects of the previous color scheme (what kind of pelts are used to make green and magenta loincloths, anyway?).

However, the color can only help out so much. This composition is still way too chaotic. If I had to alter the drawing, I'd get rid of those two cavemen in the middle ground - they're superfluous and badly drawn, to boot - and lower the cliffs on page three to add more negative space under the flying figure.

The more I look at these pages the more I find to like. There's some great stuff here, but it's all buried in the background and overwhelmed by the aggressive ugliness of the foreground. The archer on the right hand page is well-posed and well-drawn, and the silhoutted warriors behind him have an imposing, sinister muscularity. The corpse behind Marak's right foot and just underneath the archer have a real pathos to them. And there are a lot of nice textures - the loincloth on the central figure, the rocks, and the hair of the man holding the tomahawk.. I even like the outstretched hand of the man being knocked by by the force of Marak's blow. It's a pity that these elements don't contribute to the overall look of the spread.

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